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Sosok di Belakang Pembelian Saham PTRO oleh Caraka Reksa Optima

Anggara Suryawan’s consortium, Caraka Reksa Optima, continues to increase its stake in Petrosea (PTRO) by acquiring 56,700,000 shares, involving purchase transactions in the range of Rp2,820-3,970 per share.

In this process, the controlling party of Caraka Reksa Optima had to spend around Rp170.25 billion. The purchase of shares was done simultaneously on November 6, 2023, in three stages of transactions.

The transaction details include the purchase of 22,911,000 shares at a price of Rp2,820 per share worth Rp64.6 billion, the addition of 25 million shares at a price of Rp2,830 totaling Rp70.75 billion, and finally the acquisition of 8,789,000 shares at a price of Rp3.970 per share worth Rp34.89 billion.

Petrosea’s Corporate Secretary, Anto Broto, explained that this transaction was carried out for investment purposes with direct ownership of shares. With the completion of this transaction, Petrosea’s accumulation of shares in Caraka’s portfolio reached 656.57 million shares, or equivalent to a 65.1 percent ownership stake, an increase of 3.15 percent from the period before the transaction, which reached 624.87 million shares. The number of shares now equals approximately 61.95 percent of the total outstanding shares.

Caraka Reksa Optima is a consortium supported by senior investor, Robert Nitiyudo Wachjo. He is the owner of Indotan Group, a corporation operating in various business sectors. One of its subsidiaries, PT Indotan Halmahera Bangkit, holds shares in a gold mining company in the North Maluku Islands.

In 2020, Indotan acquired a majority stake in PT NHM from foreign investor, Newsrest Mining Ltd. H. Robert Nitiyudo Wachjo, as the owner and President Director of PT NHM, has proven himself to be a figure not to be underestimated.

Under his leadership, Tambang Emas Gosowong, which was nearing the end of its productivity, after being released by Newcrest, managed to create various innovations. With Indotan’s assistance, aggressive efforts were made to extend the productivity of Tambang Emas Gosowong, exceeding previous estimates.


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